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Pocket knife for women Pocket knives have so far become a necessary tool in everyone’s pocket,  bag,  or purse.  With pocket knives you are always at ease when it comes to all kinds of work or situations.  Whether you need it to peel apples,  slice your cheese,  for camping or to open boxes,  bags and envelopes,  pocket knives are a must have these days.  They can make a nice birthday or anniversary gift especially if engraved and nicely decorated.  I am certain that every woman would love to have a nice pocket knife review in her favourite colour,  feminine and with her initials engraved on the handle.  Known to be practical, most  women usually have a few pocket knives,  one at home,  another at work in their desk drawers, one in their purses,  cars or on their key rings.   Pocket knives come in various shapes and styles and with so many on the market it can be quite tiresome to choose the one that best meets your needs.   Think of your needs,  habits and everyday needs,  think of price and quality,   then do your own research and make your purchase.

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Swiss Army knife - Victorianox CLASSIC for women While searching for the best pocket knife most women will notice this useful line of folders called multi-tool knives with many built in features.   They are simply awesome as you can have several tools in one for example,  scissors,  a nail file,  a bottle opener,  a corkscrew and even a toothpick.  What to look for in a pocket knife?  Look for good quality steel,  a comfortable handle that fits in your hands and easy opening and closing mechanism. 

 >Victorinox Swiss Army Tinker Classic -  a nice little device with many interesting features,  this Swiss pocket knife is just perfect for women who like having things fixed and in order.  The pocket knife made of high quality stainless steel comes with more than 12 additional tools all packed in one small,  light knife that slips into your pocket or bag easily.

>Smith and Wesson Small M.A.G.I.C Assisted-Opening Folding Knife – this beauty is a perfect pocket knife for any lady.  It comes with easy,  fast opening mechanism with Liner Lock and Side Safety.  The handle is made of pink aluminum with Lanyard Hole.

>Spyderco Native Lightweight Plain Edge Knife – another great pocket knife from Spyderco,  with pink handle ideal for women.  With plain edge and premium stainless steel blade this pocket knife can be used for variety of tasks.  The handle is made of plastic reinforced with fiberglass and ergonomic in shape for a better grip.  It may take some time until you perfect the opening but once you do you will be satisfied.

Buck Impulse Assisted Opening Liner Lock>Buck Impulse Assisted Opening Liner Lock – a great knife and another one with a pink handle.  The drop point blade is extra sharp and this is a great first pocket knife for women who have never used them before.   It is slim and fits nicely even into jeans pockets.  Comes with ergonomic handle that fits perfectly into small hands.

 Pocket knives for women come handy for indoor and outdoor activities such as chopping off wood while camping or prying,  slicing cheese and meat for barbecue and peeling fruit and vegetables.  With so many criminals around, women will certainly feel safer with a good pocket knife for self defense.  They also come handy in case of accidents when you need to cut material or bandages to stop the bleeding and save lives.  Pocket knives really make a difference in that they save your time and money so do invest in a good one that will serve you for a long time.

Smith & Wesson Black Ops Mini M.A.G.I.C. Assisted Opening Liner Lock Folding Knife Drop Point Blade